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Download stick war legacy mod apk latest version unlimited diamonds and gold coins. Get all weapons and army units unlocked with no ads for free.
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The legendary game Stick War Legacy mod apk is now available on Android and iOS devices. In it,  you must use your strategic skills to defend your castle grounds from invasion. By building weapons and fortifications along arriving enemy waves, but be careful. These enemies will continue to march forward and destroy the whole kingdom if left alone. If all else fails, use each character on screen individually in an all-out assault. Or “Sticktastically” blends characters into huge dual towers of medieval madness. Put strategic planning on hold only long enough to rush through this astonishing saga today.

Stick War Legacy is another popular game where you command an army instead of fighting hordes of monsters, as in the original. This time you’re trying to take over enemy territory with the help of a large number of armed soldiers. But without forgetting that it’s still important to pay attention to the development and well-being of members of your army. Stick War Legacy Mod Apk brings nice graphics that fit nicely with traditional animated images of other real warriors. And great control for passing through every location available.

Title Stick War: Legacy
Package Id com.maxgames.stickwarlegacy
Developer Max Games Studios
430 MB
Mod Features Unlimited Money, Gems, No Ads, God Mode
Category Strategy

Mod Features of Stick War Legacy Mod Apk

  • Unlimited Gems/Diamonds
  • Unlimited Gold
  • 999 Army Unlocked
  • All Skins Unlocked 
  • Infinite Fan Pack Unlocked
  • No Ads
  • Free Shopping/Upgrades
  • Non-Rooted

Unlimited Gems, Gold, and Everything

Gems and gold are the main resources of the stick war legacy game. You purchase various items and buildings with gold and purchase army units of different kinds with gems and gold. But, in the normal version of the game, you only have limited sources, and you have to wait a long to collect and earn them. But in the mod apk of, you will be provided unlimited gems and coins along with free shopping and upgrades. So, download the latest mod apk from our website and unlock premium features with no ads. Also, download Megapolis Mod Apk and King of Thieves Mod Apk sharing the same mod features.


Stick people are cute and funny. Their movements are very fast, but they are very easy to play. You can use them to fight off enemies or build up your kingdom. You can also create new units to help you out. There are amazing battles between the two countries in this game. Each country has its base and formations of attacks. When the enemy gets close, you can choose one of your characters and launch the attack yourself, using the rest of your army in support.

It’s quite challenging because you constantly need to think strategically about what kind of troops you should send to the battlefield. For instance, if you want to stop the enemy from getting closer to your base, you send more soldiers there with unique army formations. If you want to make sure the enemy doesn’t get too powerful, you send more defensive troops than offensive troops. In addition, there are many traps placed around the map, such as mines and hidden walls. That is triggered by entering their respective locations. All of these things add additional challenges to the original gameplay.

Gameplay Features of Stick War Legacy Mod Apk

In this game, you will lead an army of order and spread your religion worldwide. You will need to capture technological stations and gold mines. You will also need to build units and recruit soldiers. Stickmen are powerful warriors who use sticks as weapons. They can defeat any opponents using their strength and speed. To become one of them, you can buy sticks from the shop or find them on the battlefield. When you have more than 10 sticks, you can upgrade them to make them stronger.

stick war mod apk unlimited all

You have to gather your army, upgrade them, and train them until they are strong enough to defeat the enemy. As you progress further, the levels become harder, and the maps become larger. There are many different types of troop attacks, like spear throwers, arrows, etc., and some even have special abilities. 

Also, when you enter certain areas of the map, there are bombs that can destroy whole sections of the map. You can level up your character and buy better weapons, armor, and training programs. Some levels even require you to find and capture enemy flags. Once you complete a level, you can move on to the next one. But before moving on, you must finish the level first. Now let’s talk about the gameplay features of this game.

Enjoy Exciting Stick Battles

Stickmen are very simple creatures. They’re made up of sticks. You can make them fight each other using the game engine. You can even control them manually. This means you can be a real soldier who fights in a large-scale war. You can also minimize the losses on your side by controlling your characters carefully and creating a powerful army.

stick war legacy mod apk unlimited gems and everything unlocked

Various Customizations for your Characters

Units can equip different types of weapons and items. These can be purchased using gold. Weapons can give an edge in battles. Your characters can learn new skills through training. You can customize their appearance by choosing different outfits and helmets. You can even change their skin color. Each unit has its own set of skills that it can learn. The higher their skills rank is, the faster they will learn. And if you want unlimited gold and gems, download the modified version of the game from our website apkholder today.

 Level Up Your Characters

The levels of this game are divided into two categories: easy and hard. Easy levels generally occur in small islands where the enemy has less power. The more difficult levels occur in large continents where the enemy is stronger.

Easy Levels

The legacy mod of stick war apk offers easy levels for beginners. In the beginning, you’ll only be able to fight against regular humans. Each time you defeat them, you’ll earn experience points (XP). XP points go towards improving your characters’ skills. Once you reach a certain point, you’ll access upgraded troops and new weapons. More experienced players can play through harder levels.

Hard Levels

In these kinds of levels, you will face off against vampires. These monsters are much tougher than normal human foes. Unlike in the previous category, you don’t get any experience points while defeating them. Instead, the vampire boss will drop coins. When defeated, it would leave behind weapons, armor, and supplies that you can use to improve your soldiers.

The supply drops may contain various items such as spears, shields, bows, swords, etc. You should try to equip your soldiers with everything you’ve received. It could help boost your attack power when facing off against the vampire boss.

Various Items with Unique Traits in Stick war Legacy Mod Apk

Items have their traits as well. Leaf items give a slight increase in speed. Ice items slow down enemies but make them more vulnerable to fire attacks. Lava items have the strength of volcanoes. Vampires are very powerful beings who can absorb life force from others.

Vampires are undead creatures who drink blood. Their items make them immune to poison damage and give them the ability to steal life force from their enemies. Vampires wear clothes made from the skins of wild beasts, and they use weapons made from the bones of fantastic beasts. They are very strong and tough and can charge into an enemy’s line like a fierce warrior.

Play the Game With or Without the Internet

There are two ways to play: offline and online mode. Offline mode allows you to enjoy playing without an internet connection. It does not save data on the phone. In addition, you can use it to test new features before they appear in the full version. The second way is called online mode. This mode saves data on your device and allows you to play with other people. If you want to play against players from all over the world, then play online mode. This mode allows you to connect to the servers and participate in battles that may last several hours.

Exciting Gameplay Modes in Stick War Legacy Mod Apk

Different game modes in Stick War Legacy allow you to choose the one that suits you best. There are some outstanding modes, including tournament, Campaign, and Survival. Pick the one that fits you the best.

Campaign Mode

Campaign mode is based in the Inamorta world, neighbors’ highly competitive armies that discriminate themselves from your land. These armies have advanced technology and innovation to dominate others. Stick fighting techniques are very important to each army. Once a war starts, they will be used to protect their land. You need to learn and master them before you can fight with others.

The campaign mode is divided into three parts: Tutorial, Quest, and Missions. You begin by learning how to use sticks and move your units around. Then, you go out to collect resources like diamonds and gold for upgrades. Finally, you take part in quests where you compete against other nations. The missions vary depending on what level you are at. Some contain easy stages, while others require you to conquer tough battles. The tougher ones are harder because there are more enemy troops.

Tournament Mode

Tournament mode challenges you to face tens of players in fierce battles. You must defeat them to get the crown. All your opponents are artificial intelligence (AI), but they’re only within your level of expertise as a player.

Survival/Zombie Mode

Savage items are very useful tools in the game. You should use them whenever possible to get better results. The rewards are also great! A lot of savage items are obtained by killing zombies. You can either play solo or team up with friends. Your goal is to survive until you reach the end of the round. The mission ends with a short cutscene showing you the winner when you do.

Challenging Boss Monsters in Stick war Legacy Mod Apk

Boss monsters are strong enemies that have the power to wipe out armies. They can attack you at any time. However, if you’re lucky, you might encounter them only once in the entire game. They have the potential to get stronger over time. If you manage to defeat them, you’ll earn great rewards. The best reward is a rare item called “the legendary weapon.” The best way to win against these bosses is to combine the strengths of all your units.

Visuals and Sounds of Stick War Hack Apk


Stickman Warriors is an action-strategy game featuring cartoonish characters and a grand-scale battlefield. It features realistic weapons and strategic gameplay. The graphics are very good for the mobile version of Stick Warr, and also there are no lag issues or noticeable slowdown during gameplay.


Realistic sound effects accurately describe each action in the game. For instance, you can hear the sounds of your miner when he mines the gold or hear metal weapons crash into each other in an intense battle. In addition, at each level of the game, there is an intuitive audio track to enhance your experience.

How to Download and Install Stick War Legacy Mod Apk

For Android Users

  1. Click on the download button, and you will be redirected to the page to download the stick war mod apk.
  2. Wait for 10 seconds and tap on the Download Now Button. The file will start downloading.
  3. After the downloading is finished, go to the File manager of your Mobile, then go to the download folder and open the downloaded file of the game.
  4. If it gives an error, go to settings and give all the permissions, including Install From Unknown Resources. Then, hit the back button and tap on the stick war apk latest version, max level 999 2023 for the android file in the Downloads section. It will install automatically on your phone.
  5. After completing the installation, You can use the application with all the premium features unlocked.

For Windows PC

To run the mod apk of alight motion on your pc/laptop, you need an android emulator like bluestacks or LD player. 

  • Download any android emulator from their official site and install it on your computer
  • Then download the modded apk from our website apkholder.
  • After that, run the emulator, log in with your Google account, and locate the package installer.
  • From there, locate the mod apk that you downloaded from our website
  • After that, hit the select and install button to install it on your PC, and boom, you are ready to enjoy all the premium features of alight motion for free.


what are the highlighted features of the stick war mode menu?

Unlimited gems, gold, and no ads are the best features of stick man modded apk.

How can I play the stick war legacy on my pc/mac?

You can play the stick war legacy everything unlocked mod on your PC or Mac by installing any emulator on in, and the steps are mentioned above.

Does stick war hacked have all skins in boss battles?

Yes, our mod apk contains all kinds of skins unlocked with free upgrades and customizations.


Stick War: Legacy is an amazing game that enhances your strategic thinking skills. The game lets you play as a king and take over the world. You’re given an army to lead, and you need to use them wisely to win battles. There are tournaments and challenges to complete. In this game, you’ll be taking part in a war that spans different countries. Your goal is to become the ultimate ruler of the world. With its epic gameplay and simple controls, Stick War Legacy mod apk is one of the most addictive games around.

What's new

Performance Enhanced

Major Bugs Fixed

New Skins Added



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