Casual Games


This category of games targets the general public and masses. Casual games include those games which don’t require hardcore knowledge of special game rules and features. Instead, the general public can install and play these games on the go without prior knowledge since these games have a simple interface.

These games exist as the on-the-go genre of games that can be played in short breaks of time. Players can play while traveling or waiting inside a building before a meeting to relax their minds and complete a level in a short burst of time. Developers of these games can earn money through retail distribution or ad-supported platforms where players have to watch ads to earn coins and gems used to buy in-app resources.

Developers of ApkHolder always look for ways to eliminate bugs in the games and provide unlimited resources to the players through our specially crafted mod APKs. We will keep adding new casual games in the list below; keep checking the category to have new game mods and updated versions of existing mods on our platform.

Feel free to let us know if you find any issue within our provided modified versions of APKs or want some new features in the game that don’t already exist. We will be glad to help improve your gaming experience as our developers are always looking to improvise with the latest suggestions and feedback.

You will enjoy our clean mods for casual games and their mod features that provide unlimited resources to let you have an uninterrupted gaming experience.