Among Us Mod Apk v2023.7.12 Everything Unlocked and No Cooldown for Android

Download among us mod apk latest version everything unlocked with no cooldown. Get all pets, hats, and character skins unlocked with no ads.
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13 Jul 2023
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Among Us mod apk is a game in which players will have to go into space and travel onboard a ship, but the catch is that one to three saboteurs might be on board the ship hindering your efforts for you to succeed. It’s up to you and your team to vote using the chat as a team and find out who can be trusted or if they are even worth trusting at all. Once the traitor has been found and thrown out of the ship, there will finally be peace amidst this chaos.

Among Us mod apk is an attractive and exclusive multiplayer action role-playing game recently released by Innersloth. Inspired by the extremely popular board game, Werewolf, the main theme revolves around teamwork, beliefs, and distrust amongst a group of astronauts left stranded in space after they all have been falsely convinced that their home planet was destroyed. 

among us mod apk free skins and pet

The crew must find a way to launch the ship, but many spies have infiltrated to kill all aboard – Will these astronauts’ fate be like this? Even worth trusting at all. Once the traitors are found and thrown out of the ship, peace will finally reign amongst this chaos.

Title Among Us
Package Id com. inner mafia
Developer Innersloth LLC
Size 487Mb
Mod Features Everything is Unlocked, No Ads, No Cooldown, God Mode
Category Action

Main Mod Features of Among Us Mod Apk

  • All Skins Unlocked
  • Premium Pets and Hats Unlocked
  • All Maps, Including AirShip Unlocked
  • All weapons Silenced
  • No Ads
  • Cooldown Time Reduced 
  • Compatible with all Devices

Gameplay Features of Among Us Mod Apk

The gameplay of Among Us is simple enough to play with anyone. However, it does require some strategy and planning. You need to know how to play well when you are alone because you cannot rely on other people. In addition to the usual gameplay, there are special features such as a map that shows where everyone is located. This feature helps you avoid being attacked by enemies. There are various types of weapons available in Among Us. These include guns, knives, axes, swords, and more. Each weapon has different properties, so choose wisely.

Among us platinum mods, you play as a space pirate captain. And will protect your ship from pirates and avoid being caught by the authorities. You can also fight against other players or work together with them. And if you play as vandalism which has been sent into space by your government to help repair a damaged spaceship. You must work with other players to uncover the imposters; otherwise, you’ll be killed. You also need to do different missions to earn money and buy upgrades to make your ship stronger, just like Kill Shot Bravo Mod Apk.

You can sabotage the ship by destroying equipment or killing crewmembers as an imposter. You should also kill any player who is alone and unprotected. This will help you win the game. At the end of each round, there will be a heated debate among the members about who the imposters are. Both sides must use every trick to uncover or mislead the other side. This makes it easier for them to complete their missions.

Game Modes

There are three modes: Story Mode, Endless Mode, and Survival Mode.

In Story Mode, you play through various chapters, each one introducing new characters, locations, and enemies. Each chapter has its own set of objectives, which must be completed before moving on to the next. These include collecting items, defeating enemies, finding hidden paths, and surviving until the end. The story mode also features cutscenes with voice acting, so it’s something to look forward to.

In Endless Mode, you just run from one objective to another, trying to survive as long as possible. You’ll encounter random obstacles along the way, such as bombs and traps, and you’ll need to avoid them all while completing certain goals. This mode is great for those looking to test their skills against the clock.

Survival Mode is exactly what it sounds like: survival. As mentioned earlier, you’ll be working with other players to complete various tasks, including gathering resources, exploring different parts of the ship, and killing the enemy to get better weapons and armor. However, if you die, you lose everything. So make sure to keep yourself alive.

Interesting Minigames

Mini-games are introduced along with the main storyline gameplay of among us hack apk. Each mini-game offers its unique gameplay. You can fix gadgets on your ship with Among Us. Or sabotage your opponents by using the interesting mini-games offered.

among us mod apk platinmods

Intuitive Controls

You control your astronaut character via touchscreen controls. Simply tap where you want him to move and then tap again to use an item. If you hold down a button when tapping, you’ll perform a special attack. For example, pressing and holding the fire button will cause your astronaut to shoot his gun. Some attacks require a specific amount of time to charge up, which you can gain by attacking enemies.

Play as Imposter or Astranout in Among Us Mod Apk

In Among Us, you play an astronaut who gets lost in space while searching for the missing crew. You must use your skills to survive and escape from a dangerous environment. Meanwhile, you also get to play as imposters who try to impersonate the astronauts. This game allows you to have more interaction with the characters. It’s not just about shooting and fighting. There are many ways to interact with the characters. You can talk to them, give them gifts, and even help them out.


The characters in this game are all based on real people. Some of them are famous, and some aren’t. All of them have had their names changed to protect their privacy. The impostor is revealed after a few days. They are an astronaut who pretends to be human. The impostor is eventually caught because he vandalized and killed people. The astronauts can repair the damage or call the police if corpses are found whenever there is vandalism. Astronaut meetings are held to deal with suspicious behavior and decide whether to eliminate the suspect.

among us modded version for pc and mac

Imposters pretend to be astronauts and chat as real astronauts at discussions. Then they create vandalism to cause chaos. Finally, they split the crew by creating more problems than solutions. The Imposter faction has fewer people than the Astronaut faction but is more organized. They are sneaky and quiet and try to infiltrate the Astronaut faction by killing key figures.

Customize Your Characters in Among Us Mod Apk

To make the game more interesting, gamers can try out interesting customizations among us hacked apk. That will allow you to change your characters and give yourself many awesome looks. Unlock many exciting costumes and accessories that will make you look different from other players while playing the online game.

Play Online and interact with other players

You play as an android who fights against other players in this game. You can choose from different characters and battle them in various arenas. And also, chat with your opponents and teammates. In Among Us, you’ll get to experience some thrilling in-game interactions! You can easily kill off other players by impersonating them. Play as an astronaut who tries to survive in space while trying to figure out what happened to the others. Vote for someone to be thrown out of the place.

 Free to play

You can play this amazing game for free! There are many cool features inside the game, such as the ability to play with your friends and even online games with other players around the globe. This game also offers an interesting story and some great characters.


Among Us is an amazing platformer game that features a lot of humor and great visuals. You’ll be able to play this game on your mobile device without any problems. There are many different levels, each with its theme. In addition, there are several types of weapons and items that you can use to help you progress through the game.

How to Download and Install Among Us Mod Apk

For Android Users

  1. Click on the download button, and you will be redirected to the page of download among us mod apk. Everything unlocked.
  2. Wait for 10 seconds and tap on the Download Now Button. The file will start downloading.
  3. After the downloading is finished, go to the File manager of your Mobile, then go to the download folder and open the downloaded file of the game.
  4. If it gives an error, go to settings and give all the permissions, including Install From Unknown Resources. Then, hit the back button and tap on the among us mod menu apk latest version 2023 for android files in the Downloads section. It will install automatically on your phone.
  5. After completing the installation, You can use the application with all the premium features unlocked.

For Windows PC

To run the mod apk of alight motion on your pc/laptop, you need an android emulator like Bluestacks, Tencent Buddy, or LD player. 

  • Download any android emulator from their official site and install it on your computer
  • Then download the modded apk from our website apkholder.
  • After that, run the emulator, log in with your Google account, and locate the package installer.
  • From there, locate the among us mod apk for pc and mac that you downloaded from our website.
  • After that, hit the select and install button to install it on your PC, and you are ready to enjoy all the premium features.


How does Double Kill in Among Us mod apk without any witness?

If there are 2 impostors, especially when you’re together in the same area, there will be no eyewitnesses if you both perform kills.

How do we win among ourselves as imposters?

To win Among Us as an imposter, you must successfully kill all the crewmembers without getting caught.

Is Among Us Free?

Yes, currently Among Us is free for download on all iOS and Android devices.

What are the best features of among us mod apk?

All premium hats, skins, pets, and maps unlocked with no ads are the best features of the among us mod apk.


Among Us is an excellent game for people who love space games. With simple yet very fun gameplay, this game will please you. You can play this game with your friends and get together in real-time. There are many different things to do in this game, just like Free Fire Mod Apk. In addition, there are many exciting events happening every day. So, if you want to play a great game, among us, mod apk latest version is the right choice for you.

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